Report data

Reporting data is simple. Please use the submission form to record the date, species and location as accurately as possible:

See to accurately report the location, e.g.:

Grid reference e.g. ST 18013 77391
Latitude/Longitude e.g. 51.489496, -3.182257
X/Y coordinates e.g. 318013, 177391
Description e.g. in the middle of the crossroads at Park Place and Corbett Rd in Cathays, Cardiff

Alternatively you can report data using our app: Android:

Android app on Google Play


or tweet to us @Projectsplatter

or post to our Facebook page

or you can email us at:

or you can fill in the form below. Thank you.


2 thoughts on “Report data

  1. Sad to be contacting you AGAIN. Another two badgers knocked down over weekend on A41 Hertfordshire. West bound between m25 And Chesham junctions. I have lost count how many that is now over past month or so.
    Plus a pheasant.

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