About Project Splatter


Project Splatter is a citizen science research project at Cardiff University that collates UK wildlife roadkill data reported by members of the public.

Data are reported using social media (Twitter @ProjectSplatter and Facebook).

Please let us know where, when and what species you have seen as roadkill on the UK roads.

We will use your data to determine what impact roads are having on our UK wildlife.

Your data will help form a map that will inform us where hotspots are and has the ultimate aim of reducing roadkill

We provide regular updates on Twitter, Facebook and on the ‘Maps’ page here.

We collect data year-round, and have been doing so since February 2013.


3 thoughts on “About Project Splatter

  1. Hello
    Update on the animal death toll on the A41. This week 3 new badgers (2 must have been killed overnight as I did not notice them yesterday) and I think 2 rabbits. All between te m25 and Hemel Hempstead junctions (both ways).
    Also a badger this week on A414 between London Colney and M25

  2. Hi
    There was a bird of prey ( or an owl) and three definite owls dead tthis evening on the m27 from Ower to Hedge End.
    Next to the fast lane. 😦
    It was very sad.
    Two we’re definitely white ones and the last one brown. They were well spaced out as in miles in between them, just dead next to the red little damage to the last three. The first BofP was though. I came home 5.30pm and traffic was slow so I was able to get a good look
    I can’t see where to report this so I’m doing it here

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