Report roadkill

Reporting data to Project Splatter is simple: you use our smartphone apps, social media, email or our online form. Please tell us when and where and what species you have seen as roadkill. We provide some tips on how to accurately determine your location below.

Smartphone Apps

If you are a smartphone user, you can report data using our mobile apps for Android and iOS:

Get it on Android:android

Web form

To provide a more detailed observation, you can also use our online form to record the date, location and species you have seen:

Social Media

Alternatively, you can also simply submit a roadkill observation by getting in touch via social media.

How to accurately determine your location

Grid Reference Finder

You can use the UK Grid Reference Finder website to accurately determine a location, for example:

Grid reference, e.g. ST 18013 77391
Latitude/Longitude, e.g. 51.489496, -3.182257
X/Y coordinates, e.g. 318013, 177391
Description, e.g. “in the middle of the crossroads at Park Place and Corbett Rd in Cathays, Cardiff”

Google Maps

If you are using the Google Maps app and have location services switched on, you can drop a pin by tapping on a map location. Google Maps will then display the latitude and longitude for that location (e.g., e.g. 51.488811, -3.180162):


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  1. Sad to be contacting you AGAIN. Another two badgers knocked down over weekend on A41 Hertfordshire. West bound between m25 And Chesham junctions. I have lost count how many that is now over past month or so.
    Plus a pheasant.

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