Project Splatter is a citizen science project to quantify and map wildlife roadkill across the UK. Anyone can report observations and we collect data all year round. As of 2022, we have received over 89,000 individual roadkill records.

At the end of September 2021, an estimated 39.2 million motor vehicles were licensed for use on the roads in Great Britain (DVLA). In the UK, we currently do not know what impact roads have on our wildlife. Project Splatter aims to estimate that impact.

We are a team of reseachers based at Cardiff University. With help from the public, we collects data on animals killed by motor vehicles on roads in the UK. We analyse the submitted roadkill observations to determine the impact of roads on UK wildlife and to identify hotspots. We provide regular updates on what we have learned on social media, on our website and in scientific publications.

You can help us understand where and when wildlife roadkill occurs on roads in the UK. We are interested in birds, mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Please let us know where, when and what species you have seen as roadkill.

Our goals

  1. Collate data on roadkill reported by the public in the UK.
  2. Identify hotspots for wildlife roadkill on UK roads.
  3. Determine which species are most observed as roadkill.
  4. Raise awareness of this conservation issue.
  5. Ultimately reduce the impact of roads on our UK wildlife.