Meet the team

Get to know the the people behind Project Splatter

Dr Sarah Perkins

Project Coordinator

Sarah completed her PhD at Stirling University, studying the ecological dynamics of disease. She worked at the center for Infectious Disease Dynamics (CIDD) at Penn State University before returning to the UK in 2009 to start a Marie Curie Fellowship at Cardiff University.

She is now a Lecturer at Cardiff University and coordinates Project Splatter.

Amy Schwartz

PhD Researcher

Amy is a KESS-funded doctoral researcher at Project Splatter based at Cardiff University. She completed a BSc in Zoology at Swansea University, followed by an MSc in Care of (museum) Collections at Cardiff University.
She’s also a natural historian, bone collector, birder, trainee ringer, ecologist, and bat carer.


Lauren Moore

PhD Researcher

Lauren completed her Master’s degree at the University of Oxford and is now a doctoral researcher at Nottingham Trent University. She is working closely with Project Splatter to understand the risks that roads pose to hedgehogs, their impact on hedgehog populations and the potential of mitigation measures to reduce road mortality.


Sarah Raymond

PhD Researcher

Sarah is a NERC GW4+ funded doctoral researcher with Project Splatter and based at Cardiff University. She completed her MSci Biology degree at University of Nottingham. Her research is focusing on assessing how road mitigation affects animal behaviour and mortality, and how it could be used to aid conservation efforts. She is a wildlife enthusiast, birder and trainee bird ringer.

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